War ready.

Gladius is an extension made, for you to successfully purchase limited access products or tools, using the latest technologies, never seen on the market before.



Gladius features top tier profile configuration. Including: export, import, multiple profiles, quick switch, automatic typo fixes and more!


Custom keywords and clicks

Found a site the extension does not initally support? No problem! Automate any site yourself using custom keywords and clicks.



Simplistic user friendly UI allows the user to easily preprare for any drop. Gladius currently supports: Stripe, Shopify, Zalando, Supreme, Google Forms, Custom dashboards, and more coming!

How much does it cost?

Gladius (lifetime) Licence is currently retailing for 35€/40$.

Where can I purchase it?

All drops will be announced on the official @projectgladius Twitter!

Do you have any more questions?

Reach us over e-mail: info@projectgladius.com